Said I want your man? no the fuck i dont sis

Date:8/8/2019 ♥ Mood : Hot Girl Mode ♥ listening to : My Type - Saweetie ♥ Drinking : Water
Hello, Long time no see, 2019 been really bad for me i wont go into too much deatil just alot of family issues. I'm okay just taking day by day my mental health was really fucking me up, but im in a more positive mind space on the bright side it's been a really good summer though & my birthday is in 13 days ill be the BIG 25 eww i's old asf disgusting, anyways WELCOME to coastal I thought I would suprise you guys,Im going to update as much as possible this will be mostly a color psd site that will be my main focus, i dont wanna put so much on my plate I want full control instead of pleasing others like in the past years, I hope you guys can understand that, im really excited to be slightly back. but I needed a break for my own sanity & anways enjoy the site -xoxx